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Year 19: I Love College

I worked so hard to get into UCLA, and once I got there, the party began! Not that I didn’t study (I did carry a 3.4 gpa), but I had my share of fun. And there’s an anecdote from that first year that encapsulates the thrill of college for me. Well, at least the immediate thrill.

While living in the dorms, I went with a friend–and some helpful older boys–to buy beer. Of course I would buy beer…I could also stay up late and line up 7 bowls of Lucky Charms for dinner and leave my bed unmade…because I was away from my parents! I was free from parental supervision. Anything was possible!

So, high on my parental-free existence, I strolled into the dorm carrying my 12-pack of beer. Bag? Pffft, why bother? My parents weren’t there, so I could do anything I wanted. Imagine my shock when a dorm supervisor stopped my friend and me right in front of the outdoor cafeteria. I think he might have even asked something like, “What’s that in your hand?” And I replied, “Beer.” As in, Duh, it’s beer. So what? As bursts of laughter erupted from the table of guys we knew, slowly I think it began to dawn on me that I wasn’t 21 and this was the dorms, and therefore I wasn’t allowed to be carrying the beer.  (I was really good at math in high school. Obviously, I could recognize the sum of 2 + 2.)

The beer was confiscated, and my friend and I were assigned community service–decorating the big hall for the dorm dance. I’d like to think my giggling and amusingly innocent freshman exuberance played a role in the very un-serious consequence.

So a week later, as I  was on a ladder hanging streamers and pouring glitter confetti on every table and decorating walls with signs, I couldn’t help but smile. I got in trouble! But I was away from home and my parents didn’t have to know! And also, well…I was a little buzzed.

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