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Year 15: I Love a Friday Night Lights Cruise on The Love Boat

Now that the new fall TV season has begun, I am overloaded with TV shows to watch. In the drama category, there are long-time favorites Parenthood, The Good Wife, and The Vampire Diaries to keep up with. Plus I have Hart of Dixie as a carryover from last year. And, I want to add Chicago Fire and Nashville to my line-up. I can’t resist any former Friday Night Lights actors nor a good fire/police drama. (Still mourning the loss of Prime Suspect.) And if that weren’t enough, I have the half-hour comedy list: Parks and Recreation, Up All Night, The Office, and New Girl. I’m adding on Ben and Kate, and for some reason I still watch Two Broke Girls. Crazy, right? And this isn’t even taking into account Southland, Mad Men, and Downton Abbey which will begin mid-season. I pretty much need to quit my job just to keep up with all my shows.
Why do I watch all these shows? I think I can trace it all back to my 15th year. Freshman year in high school. No car. No boyfriend. So, no Friday or Saturday night life. What’s a girl to do except settle in with some fictional characters? I mean, who could resist Joe, Blair, Natalie, and Tootie? And a young George Clooney? That was followed by Dallas. Bobby Ewing…can anyone say hottie? I dreamed of having a little red convertible Mercedes. And then on Saturday nights, there was The Love Boat. Oh, how I loved the Doc. He was a cutie. And that crazy Isaac. They all became my evening friends. And every weekend night I’d laugh along with Mrs. Garrett and swoon over Bobby, then take a cruise on The Love Boat. Maybe not every weekend night. I did have some sleepovers and maybe a birthday party or two. But I believe my love of escaping into the world of TV started that year.

And perhaps TV isn’t the most noble of pursuits, but for a lonely singleton–no matter the age, a fictional trip on a cruise ship or a Peter Berg-produced hour is one of the greatest gifts the world has to offer.

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6 thoughts on “Year 15: I Love a Friday Night Lights Cruise on The Love Boat

  1. When I was little I used to watch Beverely Hills, Melrose Place and Santa Barbara while my parents kept themselves busy with their things. Now when I spend more and more time in California I feel so linked with those early impressions. Law of Attraction does work!

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