Year 13: I Love Boomer and Mia


When I was 13, we finally got that dog I was promised back when we left Cincinnati. She was a shih tzu we named Mia. I loved her. A lot. My favorite memory was how she would make the rounds and wake all of us up in the morning. Sometimes she slept in my room, sometimes my brother’s, and other times my parents’. Right on the pillow, too. But no matter whose room she slept in, when that person got up, she would race to each of our doors and scratch until she was let in. Then she’d jump onto our beds and lick us awake. As soon as she knew we were awake, she’d dash off either to the next room or for some much deserved breakfast.


Later, we got another shih tzu puppy and named him Boomer. I wasn’t 13, but I can’t talk about Mia without talking about Boomer. They became best friends. With each other and with me. My favorite Boomer memory was also of the morning routine. Boomer might have had doggie-OCD. Each morning he’d make a lap around the pool out back. But he’d only walk along the bricks that lined the edge of the pool. I thought it was a little dangerous for him, but he seemed to know what he was doing. Until the morning he didn’t. One morning he was making his lap, and then all of sudden he was nowhere to be seen…until we saw the pool water moving. My dad raced outside and I grabbed a towel. Little Boomer was waggling all around, trying to keep his little doggie head above water. After my dad rescued him, I wrapped him in the towel. He was so tiny without all his fluffy fur to bulk him up. And he just looked up at me and wagged his tail in my arms, as if to say ‘thank you’.


And now I say ‘thank you’ to both of them. They were such good dogs and I miss them terribly.

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