Year 8: I Love Sports

Well, not always. My first organized sporting endeavor was soccer. I was on the Angels and we had the cutest kelly green shirts and matching socks. It was all set up so beautifully. But I guess I really didn’t like soccer as much as I liked taking pictures in my uniform and matching my socks to my shirt. And I wasn’t the only one. Here’s how a typical time-out went on our team:

Coach: Okay girls, you’re really playing well out there. But I’m going to have to take someone out, so _______ can play.

(A second of silence)

Girls (all at once, in screaming voices): I’ll sit out. I’ll sit out. Pick me! Pick me! It’s my turn. Let me sit out!

Yep. The most excited we ever got was in trying to convince the coach that we should come out of the game. It was mostly Ashley’s fault. Ashley was our best player, our David Beckham. So really, none of the rest of us even needed to do anything. Just get the ball to Ashley and she’d kick it all the way down the field and score a goal. We figured out pretty quickly that all we were doing out there was running back and forth. And what little girl wants to do that?

I did have two shining moments. I scored two goals that year. And I can’t help but wonder if it just may have been that moment when the cheers erupted and my teammates swarmed me that I fell in love with sports. Because there really is nothing better than having your one shining moment. So maybe soccer wasn’t a total loss.

I never played another year of soccer. I went on to try softball and gymnastics, and I finally settled on tennis. But my favorite sport, probably, will always be a game of H-O-R-S-E with my brother on the driveway. If the soccer glory didn’t hook me on sports, those driveway games did for sure.

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