Year 7: I Love Salad

Lettuce. Carrots. Tomatoes. Radishes. Beets. I loved them all at age 7. Every day I wanted my salad….outfit.

Yes, I loved salad but not to eat. Ick. I loved my matching pink salad shirt and shorts set. All those ingredients stuffed in that pretty pink bowl on my pretty pink shirt. And then each individual part scattered all over my shorts. I was big into matching shirt and shorts sets, but there was none I loved more than that salad outfit. To this day, I still wish I owned it and could somehow wear it on a lazy Saturday afternoon. But I suppose there must be a price to pay for becoming an adult and not having to finish all my peas in order to get dessert. And I guess this is it.

But at least I will always have this picture to forever remind me of my favorite outfit of all time. I just wish I’d known how nostalgic I’d be one day for that outfit and would’ve taken a picture in it while standing up. Just one more thing to add to my “If I could only do it all over…” list.

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One thought on “Year 7: I Love Salad

  1. Looking through my old pictures, I’ve been surprised at how many outfits I remembered and how many I didn’t. Odd, which clothes we really get attached to. I love the idea of a salad outfit!

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