Year Two: I Love Aglamesis

The floor was checkered in black and white tiles. The chairs had thin metal backs and cushioned seats. The smell of waffle cones filled the air as my mint chocolate chip ice cream would dribble onto the table or onto my shirt. I remember these details only as pictures in my mind. They are snippets of a larger picture that I can no longer recall. But the tiles and the metal backs of the chairs and the waffle smell are HD clear in my mind. How could it be otherwise? After all, this was my first dessert love: Aglamesis ice cream.

Even today, I can feel the joy swell in my heart as I recall those days in Cincinnati when my parents would take us to Aglamesis for an ice cream. Oh what a treat! So creamy and so cool sliding down my throat. My heart was powerless, and I fell hard for my first dessert love.

So round and plump. And full of ice cream.

It must have started around age two because that was about the time my fat stage was jump-started by a visit from my grandparents. My mom and dad traveled around the world, so my grandparents came to babysit my brother and me. Somehow I managed to convince my grandmother that we went to Aglamesis every night. And by the time my parents returned, there was twice as much of me to love.

Eventually I shed not only my fat suit but also my love for ice cream. I’ve since left Cincinnati, and while one may leave a heart in San Francisco, I think I left my ice cream passion in Cincinnati. Ice cream has never been the same without the magic of Aglamesis. Their web site says, “Step back into a simpler, gentler time,” and that’s exactly how I feel about my first dessert love. It was a simpler, gentler time when a trip to the ice cream parlor was all that a girl dreamed of.

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