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October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge

Hi loyal readers! (Especially, Godot.) For the next month, the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge will be taking over this blog. I’ve challenged myself to write 25 posts in 31 days, with each to be a memory or reflection of the first 25 years of life. Since this blog is all about the lessons of a single girl’s life and my quest to find Mr. Darcy, each of the 25 posts will be about a love I had at each age. It might be a person or it might be an animal or an object or a color. But it will be a love I’ve found. And hopefully by the end, knowing I’ve found 25 loves in my life will make up for the fact that my beloved Robert Pattinson seems to think Sour Stewart is the only female alive on earth. (He does know one can have more than one girlfriend in a lifetime…that she isn’t the ONLY girl he’ll ever meet, right?)

**And Mrs. Hemingway may be making a rare appearance here this month, joining in on the fun and showcasing her photography!

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