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X + Y = LOVE

Love. It’s a many splendored thing. It’s also a battlefield. And it’s all you need. You can love your boyfriend. (If you haven’t settled for the dominant/submissive guy or a short man/child in a puffy black leather jacket). Or you can love your dog. Or your mother. Or the color blue.

Or you can love math.

I love math so much that I want to shout it from the mountaintops. (Or at least from this post on this blog.) As much as I love books and English, I love math with equal fervor. I’ve been its ardent admirer since high school.

I love math because there’s no subjectivity. After my work is done, there is always an answer, one answer that is always right. And I know what to do to get to the right answer. I love that about math.

All math tickles my heart-strings, but it’s Algebra-type math that really makes me swoon. Pre-calculus and calculus were two of my favorite classes in high school. I think I liked my calculus book as much as I liked my boyfriend Chris. And I really liked Chris. The calculus book was so massive and strong, and the homework such a satisfying challenge. I adore math because I always know that I can figure out a way to solve the problem. I always know there is a solution. I don’t always know that with other things. (Like with Chris…if only he were a calculus problem, we’d be married right now.)

I must admit, though, that I don’t like word problems. I’ve never understood why I have to figure out how much faster train A is traveling than train B to find out which will arrive at the station first. Why not just look at the arrival schedule? But formulas and sin and cosine and logarithms and polynomials…I love those. They make my eyes twinkle and send fireworks popping throughout my veins.

I love math. I love working with my pencil and a piece of paper. I love working a problem step by step. And I love that at the end of my work, I have an answer and there is no doubt that it is correct, the only answer possible.

I may never have a husband. But I will always have math.

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