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It’s happening in Glasgow, too. I’m not sure if this makes me feel better or worse.

Originally posted on Caligula Would Have Blushed:

So let’s look at the seven freaks in my inbox.

Firstly, there was Pussy_Lover. Here, the delete button was clicked with such vigour that the mouse squeaked.

Then we had Widowed_Comedian. I don’t need to say anything else about him do I? It’s all summed up in the username. You shouldn’t judge a man by his username – except in this case.

Third one was a Clown. An actual clown, with pictures of him juggling and hobbling around on stilts. I was intrigued by him, despite his tufts of ginger hair. However, he makes a point of saying he owns his own car. I’m no golddigger, but if he views that as a big fat achievement, then – he’s wrong. He also had a tagline which made me whimper and die inside, ‘Laughter, dreams, adventures and more.’ Nonetheless, the Ginger Clown has definitely caught my eye.

The fourth was a script-writer. Sounds promising, and…

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