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First Loves


The Sound of Music was the first movie I loved.  I memorized all the lines and can still recite them today. (For example: “What happened to your finger?” “It got caught.” “Caught in what?” “Friedrich’s teeth.”) I sat inches from the screen–cross-legged–and was mesmerized by the singing and dancing and…accents. And I believe that this movie is the reason why I have secretly always wanted my life to be a musical.


Duran Duran was my musical first love. I’m not really sure if I loved them because of their music or because this super cool 5th grade girl, Nancy McFadden, had a Duran Duran pin that she wore on her equally super cool jean jacket. ( I also contemplated cutting my hair short on just one side because she told me she thought it’d look cute on me.) Regardless of why I fell in love with Duran Duran, I can remember hours in front of the TV watching the “Rio” video on MTV. (Hey…remember when MTV actually played music videos???)



The Nancy Drew series is by far my first love in books. The Bungalow Mystery was my favorite one. Maybe it was the first one I read; I don’t actually remember. But this is the one that I always think of when I recall those fond memories of summer time and my Nancy Drew books. Thankfully Jasper Fforde has created the Thursday Next series, which is like Nancy Drew for adult English majors. They are my second love.


Dear Greg Tepas, You were my first love. It was junior high. You had braces, and so did I. I’m not really sure why I junior-high-loved you so much. It might have been that dark green shirt you wore. Even today, I can picture junior-high-you in it. Maybe it was the way you wore your 80s hair straight up in the front. Didn’t you win “Best Hair” that year? Or maybe it was your smile. I’m not sure. I just know that I used to listen to “Shake the Disease” over and over again to try to get myself not to like you. (I don’t think junior-high-me really understood those lyrics. But that’s understandable, given the overwhelming nature of my heart-break.) Yes, you broke my heart, Greg Tepas. But that’s okay. Lots of others have done the same. So, you’re nothing special. I just hope adult-you doesn’t have a beer gut because junior-high-you was so cute.

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6 thoughts on “First Loves

  1. Hi fellow blogfester here. I liked Sound of Music too, but my BF is Austrian and he didn’t like it at all. He said it’s not Austrian at all, though it gives a lot of business to Salzburg…

    The Spinster’s Vow

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