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Fitted Sheet Paradise

This week’s 365 Days of Happiness remembrance:

Day 9: Fitted Sheet Paradise

Laundry. Just the word elicits a long sigh that travels from my brain out through my mouth and into the air. And it seems to hang there, haunting me like a 58% polyester/42% cotton ghost. The scavenger hunt for quarters, while exciting, does little to make this a fun activity. But even worse is the jaunt outside to the dreaded community laundry. It’s annoying and depressing–just another reminder that I’m still a sad single. But tonight it was more than just annoying and depressing: it was cold. Despite the warm afternoons, the fog has been rolling in each evening. So it was a little chilly this evening. Too lazy to put on a sweatshirt, I went to get the clothes from the dryer in my short-sleeved totally awesome Mello-Yello t-shirt. When I got back to my condo, I was shivering. I know, it’s Southern California…but seriously, if it dips below 70, it might as well be 10 below. How an Ohio girl like myself could turn into such a temperature wimp is beyond me. So there I was, inside and frozen as a popsicle. Okay, slight exaggeration, but I was cold.

Despite my goosebumps, when I reached into my laundry basket I was greeted by a touch of warmth that tickled my finger. (That was for you, Tuscan guy.) My laundry was so warm! I just wanted to dive into my laundry basket and wade around in the steaminess. And that’s when I got the idea. I could wrap myself up in my fitted sheet. And I did! It was blissful. All I needed was a pina colada and I easily could have thought I was tanning myself on an island beach. And it fit me so well. The elastic snuggled around my neck and then traveled down to enclose the rest of my body. I had been swaddled with my fitted sheet. The elastic kept the warmth in and cooked me to just the right temperature. I wore the fitted sheet for quite awhile. I did some computer work and tidied up a bit, all while wearing the fitted sheet. Yes, I know I could have just put on a sweatshirt, but what fun is that? Today I wore a fitted sheet. And the silliness of that took the depression and annoyance out of laundry and made me happy.

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