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A Farewell to…Summer

Summer is nearing a close. So, here’s my favorite Ernest Hemingway quote (to honor my esteemed colleague, Mrs. Hemingway.) The aforementioned statements are in no way related, but this is how my mind works. Which is probably why internet-Josh, the ONE semi-normal person I found on a most disgusting internet dating site, didn’t respond to my email. :(

“We really are the same one and we mustn’t misunderstand on purpose.”

“We won’t.”

“But people do. They love each other and they misunderstand on purpose and they fight and then suddenly they aren’t the same one.”

“We won’t fight.”

“We mustn’t. Because there’s only us two and in the world there’s all the rest of them. If anything comes between us, we’re gone and then they have us.”

-Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

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